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More than 98% of CareSouth's referral sources would recommend CareSouth to others for home health care services, according to a 2008 independent survey*. The number one reason given is that they TRUST us to do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it and in a manner that they prescribe.

CareSouth works closely with our referral partners under the guidance of the patient's physician to insure proper patient assessment up front and proper treatment during the course of care. Our clinical outcomes speak for themselves through superior patient satisfaction scores. CareSouth's commitment to our patients and their needs ensures optimum RESULTS.

CareSouth is committed to saving our referral sources, our patients and their caregivers valuable TIME by providing on-site coordination of care. We see our patients quickly once a home health care referral is made and we communicate clearly with our referral sources to insure proper care once they are referred to homecare because we value and appreciate your time as much as you do.

CareSouth is committed to building and maintaining more trust from those we serve, producing more results with superior clinical outcomes and saving more time through outstanding customer service to our patients, their families and our referral sources. We pledge to go the extra mile to ensure that patients receive the home health care they need when they need it and in the manner their physician prescribes. That's More Commitment. That's More CareSouth.